Machine Quality Line 1 Line 2
(1) Made: Center (I) Modal No. CIL-01 Center (I) Modal No. CIL-08
(2) Size: Printed Width Minimum Width ->350mm Maximum Width ->920mm Re 1/- Upto 10Kg Bag Minimum Width -> 510mm Maximum Width -> 1250mm Re 1/- to 50Kg Bag
(3) Speed : Line Job-150 Mtr./Min Half Tone Job-150 Mtr./Min Line Job-250 Mtr./Min Half Tone Job-250 Mtr./Min
(4) Registration Controlling : Manually & Online Stereoscope Controlling ARC System.
(5) Print Dry Process: Heater with Hot – Air Generator Heater with Hot – Air Generator
(6) Ink Circulation System : Rotor Ink Circulation Pump with Viscosity controller In Each Station